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COVID19 PCR Test Birmingham – Fit to Fly Certification

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COVID19 PCR Test Birmingham – Fit to Fly Certification

The skies are opening up…

As travel is slowly being reintroduced, you may be looking to jet off on your travels. This means that you will need a Fit to Fly certificate in Birmingham, via a COVID19 PCR Test kit.

The skies are opening up and Airlines are opening routes, allowing people to travel once again. However, there are guidelines in place to ensure the safety of travellers.

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of accessible, reliable Covid testing has become increasingly apparent. Travel restrictions are changing everyday, with airlines and countries now asking their passengers and visitors for Fit to Fly certificates. These certificates act as proof that they have had a negative COVID-19 test result in the 72 hours before their trip. However, there is no need to worry – we are now offering COVID PCR tests in Birmingham, including the necessary Fit to Fly Certificates. We are able to provide said testing through our partnership with Medicspot.


What does a COVID19 PCR Test detect?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. The purpose of the test is to detect presence of  COVID-19 antigens. It is not used to detect the presence of the body’s immune response, or antibodies. This is only possible if the virus is present. The tests are incredibly efficient in determining whether someone has the virus early on, using the detection of viral RNA (ribonucleic acid), which presents itself before antibodies form, or symptoms of the disease are present. This means that PCR tests give us a more accurate indication surrounding who is infected and who is not.


Who is the PCR Test for?



Covid PCR tests are vital for anyone planning a holiday, or who needs to travel abroad for any reason. You must present proof to certain airlines and countries that you do not have an active COVID-19 infection. You should not take this test if you have Covid-like symptoms, or have had symptoms up to 28 days prior to the test. If either of these categories relate to you, you should follow current guidance surrounding self-isolation and testing.

You should always check for up-to-date travel information before you travel. This can be done by speaking to your airline directly, or by seeking further guidance on the Foreign Office website.

Get fast results with the Medicspot 24-hour service

In Birmingham, you purchase your PCR Test kit at a Medicspot-participating pharmacy. They can supply Covid tests to suit any travel requirements. Whether you need Covid-19 swab test results by themselves, or with the corresponding fit to fly letter – Medicspot is here to help. Your Fit to Fly Certificate will be written by one of our General Medical Council (GMC) doctors. You should check for the type of travel documentation you need before making your order.

Your fit to fly certificate shows you are fit and able to fly around the time of your flight. No matter where you are going, we have the travel test package for you!


How to get your COVID PCR test and Fit to Fly Certificate… is an affiliate for Medicspot and we are helping more and more people travel quickly and safely. You can order your test kit online via the button below. Wishing you safe travels!

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